Solar Valves


TA20picThermosyphon Arrestor Valve

The thermosyphon arrestor valve ( TA valve ) is fitted to a thermosyphon solar hot water system to limit the water temperature in the storage cylinder to approximately 80°C. The valve is located at the cold return to the collectors and closes automatically when water from the bottom of the storage cylinder, passing through the valve, reaches 60°C – 65°C. This prevents any further thermosypon action from taking place until the temperature in the storage cylinder reduces. When the water temperature in the storage cylinder reduces the valve opens automatically, allowing the thermosyphon action to resume.

Technical Specifications

Model: TA – 20. Without cold water inlet connection.
Model: TVA20-20mm FL With 15mm (½” ) copper compression cold water inlet connection.
End Connections : R ¾” X ¾” copper compression.
Cold Water Inlet : 15mm (1/2”) copper compression.
Seal Material : High temperature silicone rubber.
Seat Material DR BRASS.
Spring Material 304 Stainless steel.
Maximum working pressure : 1400 kPa.
Maximum temperature : 99°C.
Wax Element VERNET.
Activation Temperature 60°C-65°C.


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