Solar Valves


High Temperature Check Valve
HTCV15F-15C and HTCV15C-15FHTCVpic

AVG has developed a range of valves for solar applications and in collaboration with the solar hot water industry has developed a high temperature non return valve.

As solar hot water heaters are becoming more efficient and the stagnation temperatures within the solar collector panels is increasing, damage to pipework and other components is becoming an issue.

The HTCV is a high temperature non return valve designed to prevent the back flow of high temperature hot water.


  • Robust DZR brass construction

  • Designed for high temperature solar installations

  • No plastic internal components

  • High temperature internal components

  • High temperature silicone seals

  • Reversible check valve cartridge

  • Two HTCV models are available with alternative flow directions.

  • IMPORTANT NOTE: check the flow direction on the data ring before installing

  • The HTCV is suitable for vertical or horizontal installations

HTCV Brochure