Quickie Kits


Quickie Rheem Plus Kit

The QIK-RP kit has been developed to make
the installation of RQIK15-RP (Copy)HEEM Plus water heaters “quick and easy”, with everything you need in one convenient box, just add the pipework.

The kit includes a non return isolating valve with strainer, a 1200kPa expansion control valve, all the unions and tee pieces required and comes complete with insulation covers. The QIK-RP kit requires no thread seal tape to assemble and is supplied with fibre washers for a “quick and easy” job.



1 BFU20FI15C (including 1 x 3/4″ fibre washer) 2
 2 NRIBVS-15C )with only one nut and olive) 1
3 BFT15Q15C (including 2 x 1/2″ fibre washers) 1
4 ECV15/1200 1
5 Isolating disc 1
6 1/2″ fibre washer 1
7 Ins – BFU20FI15C 2
8 Ins – NRIBVS-15C 1
9 Ins – BFT15Q15C 1
10 Ins – PTR/ECV 1
11 Cable ties 9


QIK 15-RP Brochure