Heating Control Valves
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    Pressure and Temperature Relief Valve
  • ECV
    Expansion Control Valve
  • TVA
    Tempering Valve Assemblies Standard
  • TVA – HP
    Tempering Valve Assemblies (High Performance)
  • TCV
    Temperature Control Valve - Standard
  • TMV
    Thermostatic Mixing Valve
  • TMV – PIB
    Thermostatic Mixing Valve - Plumbed In Box
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    Hi-Flo 25 Mixing Valve
    TRI-SET Selectable Pressure Limiting Valve
  • PRV
    Pressure Reduction Valve
    Non Return Isolation - Pressure Reduction Valve Combination
  • PRVB
    Pressure Reduction Valve Boundary
  • PRVB20-BV20
    Boundary Pressure Reduction Valve
  • QPL-20
    Noise Reduction Valve: QPL-20
    Non Return & Isolating Valves


QPLNoise Reduction Valve

For washing machines & dishwashers. Reduces water hammer & most pipe noises.


The Quiet Valve is designed to reduce the noise caused by high velocity water and water hammer. This is achieved by reducing the outlet pressure
through the Quiet Valve to an acceptable level. The use of the Quiet Valve also reduces the risk of burst hoses.

Valve Specification

Model no. QPL-20

Maximum inlet pressure: 1400 kPa
1400 kPa Maximum temperature:  65ºC
Outlet pressure: 400kPa at 700 kPa inlet
Flow rate: 20 litres/min at 700 kPa inlet
Top connection: 20mm ( ¾” ) BSP female
Outlet connection: 20mm ( ¾” ) BSP male



QPL-20 Brochure