Heating Control Valves
  • PTR
    Pressure and Temperature Relief Valve
  • ECV
    Expansion Control Valve
  • TVA
    Tempering Valve Assemblies Standard
  • TVA – HP
    Tempering Valve Assemblies (High Performance)
  • TCV
    Temperature Control Valve - Standard
  • TMV
    Thermostatic Mixing Valve
  • TMV – PIB
    Thermostatic Mixing Valve - Plumbed In Box
  • Hi-Flo 25
    Hi-Flo 25 Mixing Valve
    TRI-SET Selectable Pressure Limiting Valve
  • PRV
    Pressure Reduction Valve
    Non Return Isolation - Pressure Reduction Valve Combination
  • PRVB
    Pressure Reduction Valve Boundary
  • PRVB20-BV20
    Boundary Pressure Reduction Valve
  • QPL-20
    Noise Reduction Valve: QPL-20
    Non Return & Isolating Valves


PRVB20Pressure Reduction Valve Boundary

The PRVB is designed to limit the water pressure to a domestic dwelling to around 500 kPa. When water supply is flowing the PRVB will allow a full flow through the downstream pipe work. When all the downstream taps are isolated the PRVB will control the static pressure to the valve’s set pressure.


  • Body made of D.R Brass
  • Superior flow capacity, 170 l/min as per AS1357.2
  • Low profile – compact design
  • Stainless steel seat
  • Metal cap for protection of the valve


Flow rating 170 l/min, as per AS1357.2
Set pressure 500kPa, at 1600kPa
Inlet Pressure Max operating temp. 80°C
Connections 20mm Female BSP to 20mm Compression
Watermark WMKA2639

PRVB Brochure