Heating Control Valves
  • PTR
    Pressure and Temperature Relief Valve
  • ECV
    Expansion Control Valve
  • TVA
    Tempering Valve Assemblies Standard
  • TVA – HP
    Tempering Valve Assemblies (High Performance)
  • TCV
    Temperature Control Valve - Standard
  • TMV
    Thermostatic Mixing Valve
  • TMV – PIB
    Thermostatic Mixing Valve - Plumbed In Box
  • Hi-Flo 25
    Hi-Flo 25 Mixing Valve
    TRI-SET Selectable Pressure Limiting Valve
  • PRV
    Pressure Reduction Valve
    Non Return Isolation - Pressure Reduction Valve Combination
  • PRVB
    Pressure Reduction Valve Boundary
  • PRVB20-BV20
    Boundary Pressure Reduction Valve
  • QPL-20
    Noise Reduction Valve: QPL-20
    Non Return & Isolating Valves


NRIBV15CNon Return & Isolating Valves

The NRIBV range of non return isolation valves (NRI) combine the non-return and isolating functions in one simple campact valve. The NRIBV range is available in 15mm and 20mm and with optional female, flare and nut and copper olive compression ends.

The NRIBVS range of non return isolating valves incorporate a line strainer which is designed to protect any down stream valves and or equipment. The removable strainer prevents grit and debris from entering the line.


  • Suitable for horizontal or vertical installation
  • Forged DR brass body
  • Complies with AS1357.1
  • Watermark Certification
  • Easily visible on or off quarter turn handle
  • Removable strainer for cleaning

NRI Specifications

Model DN Size Inlet/Outlet Overall Length
NRIBV-15-C 15 15 (1/2”) Compression 79mm
NRIBV-15-F 15 15 (1/2”) Female 64mm
NRIBV-15-INV 15 15 (1/2”) Flare 86mm
NRIBVS-15F 15 15 (1/2”) Female 85mm
NRIBVS-20F 15 20 (3/4”) Female 95mm
NRIBVS-20C 15 20 (3/4”) Male 135mm


NRIBV Brochure